One-time setup fee
€ 150,-

Monthly fee per user:
1 – 19 users € 5
20 – 50 users € 4
More than 50 users on request

The following disclaimer applies to the Xelion Marketplace.


The multi-channel tools in ANVA CRM support the online and offline contact moments and thanks to workflows these processes run as efficiently as possible. Xelion also ensures that all communication processes run as efficiently as possible.

Connecting ANVA with Xelion

Thanks to the integration between Xelion and ANVA CRM, both software packages can work together perfectly. The customer card is immediately opened in ANVA CRM as soon as a call comes in via Xelion. This way, you are immediately aware of what is going on and can take notes of the conversation. Finally, a conversation can be set up from ANVA CRM.

Xelion version 6.21 or higher is required for the link to function properly.