With this solution an organization with a Xelion tenant can place callback buttons on its website with which a (potential) customer is automatically called back by the organization concerned. Via the registration process in the Drie-O Xelion App store, the relevant organization can create the callback buttons themselves if necessary. with support from the web builder.

Visitors to the website are automatically called back when they leave a request.
No calling costs for the website visitor.
Visitor is registered with name, e-mail and telephone number in Xelion telephone book.
The ability to schedule a conversation (that is, to have it performed at a later time).
App can be installed on the website by means of a plug-in, whereby it can be made in the layout of the website.
Contacts can be saved automatically and it is clear from which website / callback button the call request was submitted.

How does the order process work?

  1. Go to ORDER
  2. Follow the registration process step by step
  3. Last step (step 3):

– register tenant via administrator account Xelion
– choose the CallMeNow module


Registration costs per month valid for
access to Drie-O Xelion app store
€ 5

Monthly costs
€ 25

At the Xelion Marketplace, the following disclaimer applies.