CTI for SuperOffice

Recognize your caller!
When you receive a call, SuperOffice CTI will show you immediately who the caller is. You can immediately make a telephone/ and/or callback note or you can get to the customer card in SuperOffice CRM or SuperOffice Customer Service. If you want
to go to the customer card, than a second tab opens in the same browser, so that any outstanding work in SuperOffice is not lost. The telephone note will automatically be archived in SuperOffice CRM

1. A better and more efficient handling of telephone notes.
2. All correspondence and telephone communication is centralized under the customer card.
3. No synchronization of contact details required.
4. In case of an incoming telephone, have direct access to customer information/communication.

How does the order process work?

1. Downloaden.
2. Install.
3. Request licenses by phone/form.
4. Agreement.

Online – Automatically process, step by step.

Required version of the software package?
SuperOffice 8 and higher


Initial setup cost à, € 33,75 (15 min.) per user. (minimum of one hour)

Monthly software license fee € 4,00 per user.

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