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Adress book Xelion on fixed line (LDAP)


The Xelion LDAP server ensures that the address book in Xelion is accessible to the fixed IP devices. This hosted service uses the Xelion API to read the address book and translates it to the LDAP protocol so that the IP devices supported by us can use the information from the address book.

Supported devices:

Yealink T4x series
Gigaset N510
Gigaset N720 Pro
Cisco 6800 series
Cisco 7800 series
Cisco 8800 series
Mitel 6800 series

Other brands / devices that support LDAP might work but are not tested by ViPro services. There are no autoprovisioning templates available.

Working method

A user account is provided on the Xelion LDAP administration portal. Here you will find the available phonebooks for the respective user account. A new (empty) address book will have to be linked using the Xelion API of the relevant Xelion system. After successful connection with the API a daily sync is done between the Xelion address book and the LDAP server, where the Xelion address book will be the leading side. For the supported devices, the correct LDAP configuration rules are shown so that they can be loaded into the device via autoprovisioning. The IP device is read-only so no address book changes can be made in the device. The address book is always managed from the Xelion softphone or the Xelion administrator tool.